We can now proudly announce that we have a complete studio!

Already in the autumn of 2020 we began the construction of the 647 Production studio in Stockholm to meet the need of digital content production. The studio is built for professional live streaming and/or professional video recording and the studio can also be used for recording professional podcast sessions or hosting zoom meetings.

In the studio you can create your own “state of the art” digital content by yourself or together with the fantastic 647 studio team. The studio team can help you with everything you need for a complete media production that will take your content to the next level. Next to the studio there are several extra rooms if space is needed.

The 647 Production studio is perfect for:

  • Live streaming
  • Panel debates
  • Webinar sessions
  • Training session
  • General meetings
  • Product launches
  • Zoom sessions
  • Podcasts

Adjustable studio settings

The studio can be arranged in a lot of different ways to fit standard formats or production specific arrangements. A variety of furniture for staging the studio is also available on request.

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